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Mega Breast Growth Enhancement Special

Mega Breast Growth Enhancement Special

AINTEROL™ Pueraria Mirifica Extract, 500gm (1.10lbs)

$995.00 $469.75
AINTEROL Pueraria Mirifica Extract, 500gm (1.1 lb)

Contents: 500gm of Pueraria Mirifica Extract.
Purity: 100% - No preservatives, starches, fillers or chemicals added.
Packaging: Sealed for long freshness. HDPE Pharmaceutical grade bottle.

Pueraria Mirifica Benefits:
* breast enlargement treatment
* menopausal issues (against hot flashes & night sweating etc.)
* against psoriasis - noticable results often seen within a few weeks
* against acne and pimples
* anti-aging & anti-wrinkle
* stronger nails. (If you've dreamed of long real nails)
* facial skin is smoother and less oily
* better, faster & stronger hair growth (can return natural color for many)
* body tonic & body feels energetic
* increase in healthy vaginal moisture and sex drive
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AINTEROL™ Pueraria Mirifica Extract:

This is the strongest possible mirifica extract available! It can be taking orally but do not exceed 6 drops a day. It can also be added into any lotions or creams but do not exceed 5% concentration in lotions or creams. See usage instructions for more details.

If you wish to purchase wholesale box of 20, 50, 68, 120 or 168 units please contact us


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