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Not sure if PM is for me or not, need some advice!
01-08-2019, 04:44 AM
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RE: Not sure if PM is for me or not, need some advice!
I think it's all about expectations.
There is no way to get some big boobs in a few days or weeks and make them go aways if you don't want them anymore. If this is your idea I guess the best would be to get some silicone breast which many crossdressers and transgenders use.
You can buy a variant which can be sticked to your breast and they will feel extremly realisitic on your body. I used to use them in the past for crosdressing and can tell that even my wife told me they felt reals Smile

PM contains a weaker form of estrogen which means it interferes in your hormone level. This allows even male bodies to develop breasts.
But they will never come overnight so it doesn't make sense to take a minimum dosis for 2 or 3 months and then stop. This would have probably almost none effects.
Think about little girls. It takes almost the whole puperty, which means a few years, to get breast and they have the best preconditions as they are females Big Grin
We are all males which means our hormone levels are male.

Does PM work? Hell yeah. You can see a lot of proofs around in this forum.
Will PM grow you boobs in a few months and make them disappear if you stop? Sure it won't.
But if you are patient and give yourself time it can be pretty addictive. But in most cases not completly reversible.
Just my thoughts.....
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01-08-2019, 05:11 PM
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RE: Not sure if PM is for me or not, need some advice!
Hi Lexy!

(01-08-2019 03:21 AM)Lexy Wrote:  It'd be nice to stay in touch and try to gather info as well as share our experiences

Absolutely. I will be attentive to all the details you can share about your experience. And, if you want to discuss it privately, do not hesitate to contact me!

(01-08-2019 03:21 AM)Lexy Wrote:  edit: Just read your whole 4 pages thread and understood what is PM serum, basically a cream or oil that has PM. I wonder if you can actually measure the dose properly applying it like this. It can be confusing the fact that is an oil one can think it only affects the area where is applied, but it's been clear for the (excellent) advice you got in that thread that it doesn't matter where you apply it, it is just distributed to your body once it's absorbed and in your bloodstream. That's why I'm thinking it might not be the best way to take PM as I wonder a)How much do you know you're taking? and b) is it possible to be perfectly consistent taking PM this way? Just wondering at the moment.

You're right, you can not manage the PM dose absorbed with the serum. We do not know how much it contains the bottle, we do not know exactly how much is applied and we do not know how much is absorbed by the skin.
In addition, it is more difficult to use than a capsule.
So, if what I have been told is correct and the serum passes through the blood and acts globally, it is better to use capsules. And i think capsules are cheaper.
I personally bought serum as it was easier to use discreetly in my case. And it can seem to have a beneficial effect on the skin. What interested me too.

(01-08-2019 03:21 AM)Lexy Wrote:  What would be extremely helpful is to have the shared experienced (including pictures) of a male that used 500mg of PM for some months and then stopped and see results before, with PM and after. But it doesn't seem someone ever did this, which to my point of view is strange. I fully understand how many want to go the full way but I'd think there must be people there also wanting to experiment with their feminine body and mind and go a just a bit further, but after the little experimentation come back with no physical changes.

In fact, I think there are few people who share their full experience. I tried to contact a few people (from my country) on forums who had started to share their experience and they did not answer. They did not return to the forum either. They probably gave up. Or no longer feel the need to share.
For those who share, there are those who love the result of the PM and therefore do not stop the use.
There are, without doubt, those who are afraid of having a result that is too obvious and stops early, before real results.
And there are those who do not see quick results and give up.
In short, all this must explain the few people who just want to test until they get a start of real results, then stop to see if it gets disappears.

(Sorry, I hope that what I write is understandable, my english is not good and I use google translation)
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01-08-2019, 08:28 PM
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RE: Not sure if PM is for me or not, need some advice!
Hi Lexy
Regarding the 500mg/day experiences I can suggest why you don't see much. The quantity of PM suggested for adults, including genetic women in menopause, is 1000mg/day.
Those that start at 500mg/day usually do it to see if they are allergic to PM, then immediately go up to the "minimun" dosage.

If you browse some older threads you should find some guys that tried 500mg for a few months. Results are surprisingly similar to taking 1000mg: budding after a few months, some breast development 2 months after budding.

All people I have read about, including on other sites, that decided to stay low at 500 mg "for skin health" ended up stopping because they were developing breasts. (Or pushed full steam ahead and upped the dosage).
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03-04-2019, 09:21 PM
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RE: Not sure if PM is for me or not, need some advice!
Hi,i am fairly new here also and want to order pm and start taking them.I see there are a couple that have experience and chimed in with some interesting answers.I am curious to know if this will help me as i am using a cup and pump kit right now.I would welcome the thought of them getting larger and firmer using pm.I also see there are so many pm out there on the market.How does one know which is the right one? I want to keep the breasts i have not lose them.Looking for a little larger but also firmness to go with them.
If allowed i can reply and post a photo or two after taking my cups off,for anyone interested in seeing how the kit worked for me.
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