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New here
08-18-2020, 01:56 PM
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RE: New here
(03-18-2020 07:39 PM)n3rdylalitha Wrote:  Yes, definitely on anti-androgens. It was my understanding as well that this was necessary. That is, when the testosterone (T) levels are too high (i.e., normal for a guy), excess estrogen (or PM in this case) just gets converted to T or DHT.

I started with spearmint tea and reishi, both separately and together. Reishi was quite powerful. It slowed down my body hair growth and definitely reduced my libido. I noticed the body hair because I epilate and it's obvious when it's growing faster. I noticed the libido because I log it. I basically go longer before feeling a strong need to ejaculate, but it does eventually get to that point, it just takes at least a week to get there if I'm taking reishi. Spearmint seems to be similar, but not nearly as strong. In combination, they're quite good, BUT both can have side effects with the liver. I started having flank pain, so I stopped both.

I've since switched to white peony. It's weaker, like the spearmint. But to be fair, my breasts are still tender on the same dosage of PM, so perhaps it's doing something. I'm considering adding saw palmetto in with the white peony, if I can find a good brand.

As for the weight, I'm a bit overweight, so I needed to lose some. If anything, PM seems to be slowing that down a little, so it might help you gain a bit of weight. But if your weight is stationary, I would assume that you won't see any fat redistribution.

Hi, what brand and what dosage of reishi please???? pls post the exact brand or product name.

Also... is PM helping your scalp hair.. this is a question for anyone..... thanks!
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