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PM strength confusion
09-30-2021, 09:10 PM
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PM strength confusion
I am confused by the recommended PM mg use.

the 1 I am trying (Amazon is 1888mg.) but i see where 500 mg is recommended, am I taking too much?

Ainterol is 500mg or 750 mg. Amazon has 5000 mg.

Why the different mg doses? what am I missing.

Just trying to firm up my man boobs
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10-01-2021, 12:26 AM (This post was last modified: 10-01-2021 12:30 AM by thegirl1951.)
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RE: PM strength confusion
That is a high dose. PM can be an issue with blood pressure and DVT. Lower dose is better to start with. Take a look at these websites for dose recommendations. One site suggestions that low dose works as well as higher dosage.
From this comment: Commercial products are available in topical (creams, gels, and soaps) or oral (capsules or tablets) dosage forms. Some clinical studies used 200 to 400 mg (extracted from the root or tuber) by mouth per day. Commercial manufacturers suggest 250 mg (root or tuber) by mouth every morning and evening. Based on available studies, a safe dosage of PM as a dietary supplement for humans was suggested at 1–2 mg/kg b.w./day or about 50–100 mg/day [3]. Nowadays, doses of 20–100 mg/day are commonly used, but in some cases 200–900 mg/day or even higher (up to 3000 mg/day) are applied. Until now, no serious side effects have been recorded with the prescribed safe dosage, although at high doses PM may cause epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, and migraine [3].
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11-13-2021, 07:38 AM
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RE: PM strength confusion
I just wanted to add to this, as I had the same question 'what am I missing here?'.

This is my understanding of it, which may not be totally right but it is close enough for me to make a decision.

It's confusing becasue the 5000mg capsules don't contain 5000mg of PM powder. The powder used is stated as being 'concentrated', usually at a 10:1 ratio. So in each capsule there is only 500mg of actual concentrated product, but this is equivalent to 10x that amount (supposedly). Is it reliable? I don't know, as it seem a bit outlandish to me. So the end result is I couldn't be sure exactly how much WAS in the capsules.

It seemed more reliable to me in the end to use unconcentrated capsule from a known company. I went with Ainterol, and got the 500mg capsules.

According to the studies the other person linked, the only dosage that seems to have been measured as not having side effects is 50-100mg. So, very low. I suppose this may mean that higher doses are ok, but haven't been studied.

I'm being extra safe for now, and have split up 7 capsules (3500mg total powder) and mixed them into a moisturiser cream. I figure if I make it last one month, it will be roughly 100mg per day. So theoretically, safe.

I'm not sure if it is having any effect, but I like using it! Hope that helps.
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