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how stop grow breast - privvvaaa - 05-07-2020 06:32 PM

I want effects of pm, not started yet.

But is very important to me to not have breast grow.

Do you know how stop breast grow ?

RE: how stop grow breast - Defcon9 - 05-08-2020 01:55 PM

I would avoid using this if you have any concerns. This is a product that over time can cause some growth. It increasing estrogen I. Your body. I have used it for a couple of cycles and want to do more. I am looking to grow bigger breasts. It does that. I am male and it makes my breast grow.

If you still want to try I advise take only
1 everyday. If you feel soreness or notice any swelling then stop or lower does 1 every 2-3 days maybe.

Best advise is don’t use this why do you want to take this?

RE: how stop grow breast - privvvaaa - 05-08-2020 05:10 PM

I want take for have more feminine body, like fat distribution but not in breast.
I am tall and too skinny for height not gain weight and my hair is very frizzy, pm maybe help me to gain fat and have more nice hair also.

But i cant grow my breast, i live as man and not have possibility to transition.

Any cream exist for local block ?

RE: how stop grow breast - Defcon9 - 05-08-2020 05:18 PM

I have never heard of a cream to block it.

You might be better to try a cream and localize it to areas you want to feminize.

Or again take a low dose and go very slowly. If you met me you can not tell my breast has enlarged from before. I can still pass 100%. I went from flat to about an a cup.

This is just about the max I think I can go without making it look like breasts. Still looks like pecks unless I’m wearing a tight shirt.

Again I was up at 2500 and I think even 3000mg/day at one point. Don’t do that just stay at on pill/day and give it 3 weeks to a month to see if changes you want are taking place. That might get you softer skin no breasts. Each person is different so no way to tell unless you try. If you only take for a month and notice your breasts start to change then stop and things should go back swelling reduce. But again I did this much longer looking to grow breasts so my changes are permanent

Good luck and go slow

RE: how stop grow breast - privvvaaa - 05-08-2020 06:00 PM

With my pm, one pill is 500mg.
In notice is recommend to use 1 morning 1 night, so 1000mg/day.

Is 2,5x less than you.
Should i go for 1000mg day ?

I dont know in pm what dosage is low and high.

if y applying cream for example on the butt, its effect all my body or just localy the butt ?

RE: how stop grow breast - Defcon9 - 05-09-2020 10:38 AM

I know it’s recommended to do one morning and one night, but also remember the main purpose is to aim for breast enlargement that you are trying to avoid, so to be safe and avoid an issue I would just take one I. The morning everyday for 2-3 weeks. If everything is going well then move the dosage to 2/day 1000mg total.

Better not to rush and get results you don’t want. It’s easy to start taking a second pill so just start slowly.

In theory the cream should not enter the blood stream and should localize to the area more.

Just remember there is no need to rush. If you want to start with 2 you should be okay but higher chance of affecting breast growth.

Instead of starting with PM, have considered maybe starting out for a month or so on something like white peony to reduce your testosterone 1st with out adding the estrogen? You might get what you are looking for that way, also if you do start PM it will have a stronger effect (caution with that as stronger = more chance of breast growth)

I know I was taking 2.5x what you will but different goals right. For an example there are antacids where for say Pepcid AC. Normal recommend dose is 1 tablet (20 mg). Now if a doctor gets you to take it for an ulcer they might get you to take 40mg twice a day or higher to deal with a different issue. Same with Tagamet (avoid at higher dose if you don’t want breasts). 200mg for heart burn with little side effects but take 5x the amount (1000mg:day) from a doctor again for ulcers etc then the effects are totally different (I plan once the border is open to head down to buy and try for a few months). That will has a high risk of breast growth.

My point is don’t focus on what other people take (example me) as we have very different goals in mind. Everyone is also effected differently so always slow and steady.

Hope that helps.

RE: how stop grow breast - alahiva - 05-12-2020 10:37 AM

Take AA to grow your chest. PM alone could not overcome my overwhelming testosterone production.
If your testosterone strong, that's never die.
I took 2000 ~ 3000mg of pm a day. 7 months. Only pm. However, the effect was minimal because I took it without AA. I had a little difficulty getting an erection, and it only took a little bit longer for my sexual desire to grow. The sensitivity of my prostate was also reduced, and the frequency I wanted to feel prostate orgasm was reduced. But I wasn't good enough with this I started taking 1000mg~2000mg of Reishi together a week ago. If you have a high stomach acid, and take a long-term medication, take tagamet (cimetidine) to protect your stomach. like me. Otherwise, you will have gastritis and enteritis. Also you will have frequent diarrhea.

If your testosterone is too strong, it's a good idea to borrow the power of pharmaceuticals. I have a history of taking some estradiol and progesterone for about 3 months. but i couldn't kill this...not yet

RE: how stop grow breast - privvvaaa - 05-12-2020 05:30 PM

My testosterone was little low than normal level, with no meds.

I was and am still very skinny.
Maybe i need more pm than other people with fat.

RE: how stop grow breast - Midana - 05-12-2020 09:14 PM


What is AA if I may ask? Lately, I had some trouble with inital letters across the board since I am new in here.

Thank you,


RE: how stop grow breast - n3rdylalitha - 05-13-2020 09:29 PM

AA is an antiandrogen. AA's might help with some of your feminization, but probably not much by themselves. For me, I started growing breasts (slowly) on 1000 mg per day of PM with an AA. You may (or may not!) be able to gain some of the effects that you want by sticking to 500 mg. I did notice that I had softer skin in about 10-11 days at 500 mg when I was first ramping up. However, 500 mg is going to be weak so the desired feminization may be slow or even unnoticeable. And there's no guarantees that at least a little of the fat wouldn't go to your breasts. I know of no way to control what your body chooses to do with the hormones.

If you want to work on your butt a bit, you can do certain leg exercises (squats, leg abductions, fire hydrants, glute bridges, etc.) to bulk up the muscle. If you have enough fat on top of the muscle, it lifts your butt and makes it bigger.