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Shopping.. - Midana - 05-25-2020 03:17 PM

Went to shopping to buy women tank top, bought a few one to make a curvy shaped looking body. It doesn't have to look loose, just snug to make a curvy part for my breast. I felt real comfy about it and few had noticed my breast. Wasn't sure about buying bras, maybe later time because of the PM I am taking.

I need to know about red clover. Some of you claimed that the thing can shrink male genital and I did some research online, to me, it is no avail. What kind of brand on Red clover should I buy? is it capsule or tincure or powder? I needs to shrink it and how long will it takes in effects?

I also, did some research about the opinion about dissolving the tables under the tongue instead of swallowing it. Did any of you experience it?

Thank you.