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Say hello to my titties - HelloTitty - 10-14-2020 01:26 PM

I was referred here by a friend who I think is also a member here. I've been frequenting a certain much quieter forum and this spot seems to be far more lively... Oh and I love to show my body so seems like the way to go.

I can't be bothered writing a lengthy intro right now, maybe I'll do it later. But to make long story short, I'm from Finland, 36 years old musician. Although I don't earn my living with it, its my passion. I've had a strong feminine side to me since the day 1. It took me quite long to realize what's this "issue" about. It finally occurred to me in all its glory just some years ago, I have a mind/personality of a woman. I'm quite used to playing the role of a man, but that's not really me. I would say that I'm an "in between" more than anything. Not looking to transition, but heck, I'm doing herbal HRT and actively changing my body into female form what ever ways I can without resorting to surgery so what does that make me then? At least a weirdo for sure. And I love it. Big Grin

I have always had dreams about having a hourglass body and big boobs, its just so attractive. And I envy girls who get it all by nature. Then I started to find out what can I do about it and found NBE. Since then I've been on massage + noogle program and later decided to give herbs a go. Oh and my latest love affair is supple nips which are amazing! I think my nipple size has at least doubled in very short time.

Now I'm on my sixth(I think) cycle on pm, had one longer break and back at it with a storm. Unfortunately I don't have decent before pics, but I'll show you where I'm at right now. The one on which I'm hiding my bits I'm wearing a tanktop and 85 E cup bra(Euro size). They still need some filling to fit nicely, but I have grown out of my C cup bra by now, I think its a C on the smaller side. I'm not a small guy so they tend to not look as big as they are. I think I can safely say I'm not far from pushing into D's. All that takes is bit more projection... And it seems I'm getting there fast. Starting pm again after nearly two month break seems to work wonders. Its happening way quicker than I thought it would. Anyway, before last summer all I did was noogle + massage and since then about five months on pm. (I lost my previous diary on which I had the dates and dosages and my memory isn't that great.)

Lately I've had some time reflecting on my issues and thinking how to deal with it and the desire to feminize my body further came back by storm. I'm thinking of widening my experiment to other herbs too and keeping at it with all the previous methods. I'm stocked up on pm to last for at least a year even if I don't restock at all. I've tested several brands and so far the Ainterol anniversary stuff seems to be the most potent one. Although I'm such a newbie that I can't really tell much difference yet.

I hope you guys and gals like me here, I would love to get some feedback and perhaps find new like minded friends. In my country the "boob-dudes" are few and far between and most are very secretive. If you know Finland, you'll understand why... Its a very backwards country in many ways, conservative and old school. Even though its safe and we got awesome rights for any minorities, its not the easiest place to be for a... What ever the hell I should call it. Boob dude. Dodgy

Nice to be here, I already found some users with AMAZING boobies here, you guys rule!

I forgot to add that when I started I was almost completely flat... I have always been a bit chubby until about five years back when I was very active lifting weights and working out. That hobby was somewhat ruined by terrible carpal tunnel syndrome now fixed with surgeries. I think I had slight gynecomastia going on when I was in my teens, but my chest flatted out with age leaving me with pretty much nothing at all.

Noogling + massage made me go from flat to about a small B cup in less than a year. With swelling I could easily fill in a D cup, now probably more if I went all in crazy with the pump. I'll attach a pic from last year to show this. Too bad I don't have some without weird angles and pushing them out etc.

I forgot to also add that my plan now is to fill the E cup bra all the way. It will take quite some time to get there, but I know I can. Its just a matter of time. My dream would be to get more of a hourglass shape, much more feminine look in general and BIG boobs. F cup, I'm looking at you! Got to dream big. Big Grin

RE: Say hello to my titties - suncityrobin - 10-14-2020 02:04 PM

WOW you are looking great with those boobs keep going to what you like to be in your life Robin

RE: Say hello to my titties - Big Pudd - 10-14-2020 02:59 PM

Welcome Hello Titty. Holy WOW, you are one grate looking women. I love the last photo. Now that's what I call breast and nipples. I don't know how we can help you here. It look's like your going to help us instead. You Finland girl's are HOT as hell. Heart

RE: Say hello to my titties - murseMC - 10-14-2020 04:57 PM

Wow hello titties! Great progress!

RE: Say hello to my titties - Mashtenn - 10-14-2020 05:32 PM

Welcome to the group and must say you have developed some very nice breasts that most women would be jealous of. I'm in awe.

RE: Say hello to my titties - St0nenyc - 10-14-2020 10:32 PM


RE: Say hello to my titties - Stevenator_too - 10-14-2020 11:11 PM

Your hips look great.
Well done.

RE: Say hello to my titties - HelloTitty - 10-14-2020 11:36 PM

Oh thanks guys & gals. I wasn't expecting such welcome right off the bat. Heart

I would say my shape is weird because my boobs are quite big, but they don't project the way they would on a smaller person (Or on actual female chest.) They're so wide, there's plenty of stuff there... I have quite big hands and can barely grab one. I wish my body in general would be smaller, but you got what you got.

Hey Big Pudd, thanks. Its funny that you call me a woman. I'm not used to that. Its kinda cute. Blush

Stevie, on the T-shirt pic there's no tricks, not even swelling from pumping, just the right shirt and good posture. (Heck, I was surprised when I saw that pic!) The one with the tanktop, I have a bra on that one. I was testing how close I will fill up the E cup bra I got recently.. And its much closer to fitting me now than before, still needs some extra padding, but with some, its getting comfy. Well, I do have family to worry about to an extent, but luckily my gf is just as weirdo as I am and very accepting and nice. Her only wish is that I wont loose my function, but other than that I can be as feminine as I want. She's just awesome, she's a total tomboy and genderfluid herself. Big Grin

Hey Stevenator! Well we've seen elsewhere already. I hope you're doing great. Big Grin You noticed? I have been putting on some weight lately and mostly it seems to settle on my hipps/butt which is awesome. If I keep gaining, that's where I would love it.

Btw, I'm a strong advocate of supple nips/cups. These little thingies are well worth the money! My nipples have grown so much in so short time its insane. I think they've more than doubled since I started. I've got sure a routine now that I wear them for few hours a day when ever I have the time and I'm not busy with anything else. With the swelling right after my nipples are like fingertips. Big Grin Without, they're at very least twice with what I started with and bounce up from a light touch. Hard and pointy almost all the time. I love it. Soon I'll buy bigger ones, I'm using size 2 right now and there's not much space left in them. Here's a recent pic just after about two hour session... I wish I had them like this permanently.

I have been doing 3/1 week cycle with pm so far. I'm not sure would it be better to keep it constant or not. So far, so good. I've learned that I better not surpass 2000mg/day dose as if I do, I will get leg cramps. 2000mg and below doesn't seem to have much bad effects. It seems the Ainterol pm works the best, but I also noted that the extract pills seem to work nicely too. I got the ones that correspond to 2500mg, but its said they're not as potent as the pure stuff. Biovea brand seems to work too. My plan is to keep going and finish the Ainterol caps, I think I got about 130 of them left right now... If they work as they seem to, I sure will get some more.

To those wanting fast results, I suggest you go and try supplementing herbs with noogling and massage. For me the physical stimulation alone seems to work. Along with pm, it just gets better.

Full D cup before next summer? Wish me luck. Cool

I really love it how encouraging and nice this forum seems to be, fantastic inspiring pics and stories here. I will keep updating this thread as things develop, perhaps I could inspire others too or give some insight on how to do this. I still think I'm a newbie. Tongue

I see there's quite a lot of guys here with families and having tough time to fit things together. I guess I'm lucky in a way that I haven't got kids yet. I might one day, I'm open for the idea. Specially now with my currect gf, she's just awesome and we have talked about this.

But I know most of my family, specially the older folks would have big big difficulties in accepting me as I am. My parents would probably never get it and be mad at me. Although I've been kinda girly since I was a kid and my mother has never been against it. When I was little kid I played both boys and girls stuff and I was allowed to express myself any way I wanted to. My mother knows I wear some women's clothes and she seems to not like it too much, but she's also not telling me not to as ofc its none of her business. I have been a black sheep, the weirdo of the family all my life, but I think there's some lines I cannot cross without problems.

So far it seems that there's no problem with me having some boobs and keeping my hair long and wearing what ever I want. I thought I'll keep it like this, not "come out" with a huge racket, just be me and let things go as they do. I think if they question me about my titties, I'll just claim gynecomastia or play dumb and say I don't know and I don't care.

I have told several friends I trust and mostly they have been quite accepting, some really surprised as I seem to give out the manly alpha male vibe to some of them. I guess its because I'm quite strong and good at doing "guy stuffs", heck I work construction job at the moment.

RE: Say hello to my titties - larrynoon - 10-15-2020 12:44 AM


RE: Say hello to my titties - Stevenator_too - 10-15-2020 12:52 AM

Yah. You’re really rounding out nicely all over.
Congratulations. Your hard work is paying off.