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Mega Breast Growth Enhancement Special

Mega Breast Growth Enhancement Special

Shipping & Returns

We accept returns by permission only. Just returning something to us does not guarantee that we'll take it back or issue a refund. Contact us at to make arrangements for the return.

* Item must be unused - unopened - shrink wrapped
* In original packaging and in perfect packing condition.
* Shipping charges are paid by you.

We will NOT refund shipping charges. Furthermore, we are NOT reselling or restocking returned items due our strict hygienity policies. This is part of our buyers protection to get always new, fresh and unused products.

To be eligible for a refund, you MUST return your item within 14 days of receiving it. Refunds are issued within 48-72H after receiving the returned item (not the day shipped back to us).


* Note: proof of broken and or damaged shipments must be provided by the customer in form of photo and documentation for broken shipment from your local post office.


* Note: proof of lost shipments must be provided by your local post office. Documentation is needed. We will recheck all these claims from your local postoffice, postal distribution center and your local customs until product is reshipped. It could be that the item is still in transit, custom or was accidentally delivered by your postal service to the wrong address.


If you fail to provide updated and correct shipping address for the delivery and the product is returned to us we will not reship to you unless re-shipping charges are paid by you. Same applies to unclaimed items.

All shipments that have been returned because they were unclaimed by you will be subject to a recycling fee unless re-shipping charges are paid by you. Remember, we do get documentation as a proof from any country if package was unclaimed.


Packing material or packaging we don't charge anything. All shipping costs are based purely on real shipping cost by weight. We ship daily to over 30 countries (direct sales, distribution, retail channels). The only time we charge a handling fee is if you choose pre-imported herbs in the USA as a handling option as we already paid to have shipped and stored in the USA and then need to reship to your location.


All orders & packages are processed & shipped from our facililty in 24-48 Hours. Between Monday and Friday we deliver between 09.00-15.00 to Thailand Post Service. Saturday only between 09.00-12.00. Your package leaves Thailand in 2-3 days after your order. Most of the time it takes by Thailand Post Service in Airport Distribution Center. Your local post custom formalities & transit times are no longer under our control. Jurisdiction of the domestic delivery is in destination Postal Service hands (USPS, Parcel Force, Deutche Post etc.).

All packages are shipped as 1st Class Airmail package - REGISTERED MAIL which is traced. Packages arrives to destination in 7-16 days. If it takes more than 15 days. Please visit your local post office and give your Registered Mail number & claim your package. In many cases they left a notice to your front door but it was lost.


How to track your shipment? Look for last two letters in your tracking code ! (try online after 4-5 days)

HK - It was shipped via Hongkong (Hongkong Post) TRACK IT HERE
SG - It was shipped via Singapore (Singapore Post) TRACK IT HERE
DE - It was shipped via Germany (Deutsche Post) TRACK IT HERE (Please count forward 4 days on shipped date. E.g. Shipping date was 5th, please fill-out for 9th)
TH - It was shipped via Thailand (Thailand Post) TRACK IT HERE
US - It was shipped via United States (USPS) TRACK IT HERE

** You can also try tracking your shipment using your local post office website if they provide online tracking. Packages will only show on you local postal website AFTER it clears Customs in your country - not before **